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Thank you for visiting the official website for Polychoron Press.


As we establish our identity as a publisher of dramatic literature and servicer of performance rights we hope that you discover something each time you come back to our webpage.


The exciting thing about being fresh on the publishing scene is the discovery of the new. The realization of what is needed now, what people are asking for, and how the market of new plays is always expanding. We hope to grow our catalog at an exciting pace with high-quality contemporary relevant writings.


It will be our job to invest in a myriad of voices in the playwriting world and ignite interest in their texts through our relationships with producing institutions around the country. It will also be our job to protect the creative integrity in all works written by our published authors, through whatever means necessary.


It will be the mission of Polychoron Press to promote and campaign for new works that argue for freedom of expression and cultural diversity.


Please come back often and continue to discover new voices in playwriting.


Always feel free to drop us a comment at



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