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Tesseract Theatre Company, St. Louis, MO


Please email Polychoron Press for any inquiries for licensing AN INITIAL CONDITION for performance.

(Please include requested dates and professional/non-professional status.)


Licensing is not always guaranteed if another producing entity is within a certain radius of your request during the same requested production dates. 

Polychoron is currently working on making the licensing process quick and easy. Stay tuned for updates!

Production History

Developmental reading - The Playwright's Lab at Hollins University July 2014

Hollins - Mill Mountain Winter Festival of New Works - Roanoke, VA February 2015

Robert Moss Theatre @ 440 Studios, New York, New York March 2015

Tesseract Theatre Company, St. Louis, MO May 2015

Hollins - Mill Mountain Winter Festival of New Works, Roanoke, VA

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