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Diner (and other short plays)

new short plays by Shane Strawbridge

A humorous collection of poignant stories

Diner - At Raphael's diner, people come in for food and friends. Tonight, at five different tables, relationships are built, friendships are broken, and lives are changed forever.

Cast size: 22 (6m, 16f)

Second Star to the Right - When Peter gets some bad news while away on business, he retreats into his childhood love of Peter Pan to get him back home.

Cast size: 1m

Words are Hard - After a tragic accident, a child must sift through all that is left of

their family to honor their mother's last request. When memories and the future collide, the words to express their feelings don't come easily or without cost.

Cast size: 2 (male & female versions)

Widgets - Two employees at a production facility have been called into an emergency meeting with the chair to discuss an incident that occurred the previous evening. Emotions bubble, tensions flare, and fingers are pointed as to who exactly is to blame for what happened.

Cast size: 4 (no defining genders)

Crossword - Two people wait for someone...or something. One of them is struggling to complete their daily crossword; the other is bent on obstructing the first.

Cast size: 2m

Out of Milk - Two college-aged girls live together in relative harmony. That harmony has been threatened by the presence of a pregnant homeless Hispanic woman. When one roommate discovers that the apartment is out of milk, the tensions boil over.

Cast size: 2f

Rocks - A young man examines his life in parallel with a serial killer in hopes of discovering where things went right and where they went wrong

Cast size: 1m

I'll Take Care of You - Seven year old Zachary's birthday is coming up, and all he really wants is a toy truck. When his parents surprise him with something else, he has to learn that toys aren't the only things that need to be taken care of.

Cast size: 5 (3m, 2f)

Waiting for Theo - Tiffany is a new employee at Greta's business. When their top man fails to show up for a gig, the team has to convince Tiffany that she's ready to go at it alone.

Cast size: 3f

Free Sample

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Performance Fee:
$75 - Amateur
$100 - Professional
Script: $9
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