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(and other short plays)

by Shane Starwbridge

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by Taylor Gruenloh

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“a gentle, thoughtful play that looks inside the hearts of ordinary people”

- Tina Farmer, KDHX Radio

“fresh and charming”

- Richard T. Green, Talkin’ Broadway

Welcome to Plains Hollow, Missouri.


This Halloween everyone is getting a second chance.


A romantic comedy


A Mourning Hollow is a collection of nine

 vignettes exploring the process of grief in a small town.

"A comedy that's far out of left field... a new, outrageous, 'I-can’t-believe- what-I’m-seeing' work that will have you laughing from start to finish." 


Leo FINALLY found his soulmate... lying dead in bed beside him. Forced to grieve a man he loved but hardly knew, Leo smacks into faltering sanity, tempestuous in-laws, bossy friends, and the ever-waivering line between the living and the dead.

FRAGILE THING CRACKS is a dark comedy about needing to be loved and not knowing how to be.

A smorgasbord of quirky short plays with subtle twists 

featuring honest characters making human connections. 


Bray’s poignant, wry humor makes these deceptively simple 

plays a favorite with theatre-lovers around the country.




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